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Technology Tuesday: Winter Energy Saving Tips

Looking for ways to conserve energy and save money, but find solar roofs and smart home technology to 6926793611_6b4c6a2519_bbe too expensive. This article will highlight easy tips and reminders to save energy during the remaining cold winter months. The actions below are free or inexpensive solutions to obtain maximum savings during the winter. Energy audits are also a great way to see where you can maximize on savings the most.



Temperature Control

Keep the temperature as low as possible to keep you comfortable when you are home and awake. Don’t forget to turn it  down before you leave or when you go to bed. Turning the temperature down 10 to 15 degrees during the night can save about 10% on your heating and cooling bills every years. (

*If you find yourself forgetting to adjust the temperature before you leave the house or go to bed at night, maybe a programmable thermostat is better for you. Read our previous article on the fairly inexpensive Nest Thermostat here.


Find Leaks

Links can happen in a lot of places from gaps around lights and chimneys, insulated ceilings, spaces behind cupboards, and the more common; windows. Easy solutions to these can be caulking, weather stripping, expandable foam for insulation. Window leaks can also be fixed with a tightly sealed plastic sheet on the inside of the window.

*Learn more on how to detect leaks here.


Heating Systems

Service your heating systems, replace furnace filters at least once a month, and clean heaters. Keep fireplace damper closed when not burning a fire, plug and seal the chimney flue if fireplace is unused, and make sure dampers are snug as possible with no leaks. You can also turn down the temperature on your hot water heater to save energy.

*”Water heating accounts for about 18% of the energy consumed in your home.”* (


Using The Sun

Don’t forget about the biggest resource out there, the sun. Open drapes and curtains on south facing windows on bright and sunny days to naturally heat your home.

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