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Technology Tuesday: Setting the Mood

When it comes to setting the mood and creating an atmosphere to match it, lighting is crucial. Whether it’s for the romantic anniversary dinner with your significant other, entertainment, or soft light for reading. In this blog we will cover simple do it yourself home lighting upgrades to improve the aesthetics of your home.  




Insteon is one of the most advanced remote controlled light dimmer switch. In regards to saving energy, the effect of dimming compared to power use is fairly linear. So this isn’t a significant power saving upgrade, but it does extend the life of your lightbulbs. Have a look at what the Insteon has to offer.


Remote Control

Picture yourself laying on the couch too comfy and too entangled in your favorite show to get up and go to the light switch. Grab your smartphone and use it to dim or brighten the lights with the slide of a finger. Lazy, no; convenient, yes.


Through the Insteon hub you can program one switch to control multiple switches. Ideal for children who still skeptical about the dark. Now they can light the room before they even approach it.


This feature allows you to schedule times for individual or groups of switches. You can set the schedule to days of the week and hours. Perfect for giving your home the “lived in” look while you are out to deter intruders.



Apple Watch

It’s not often you have any device fully compatible with your smartwatch. That just makes this product that much better.

If that still isn’t enough to convince you Insteon also offers automated lights, motion & occupancy activated, and garage door activated overhead lights. To top it all off they have Smoke Bridge that will automatically turn on lights to an escape pate when smoke is detected.

That’s not all! The Insteon light switches come in all different colors too, allowing you to match them with just about any color scheme.
If you would to learn more about this product you can read all about it here.

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