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Technology Tuesday: Nest Protect



Were you a fan of the Nest thermostat from a previous Tech Tuesday blog. Well, have a look at the re-designed Nest Protect, an industrial grade smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Take a look at some of the features of the Nest Protect, and how it can keep you and your family safe.



Product Features

  • Warning – Before sounding the emergency tone, Nest Protect’s human voice will warn you of possible danger. That way you can take care of that burning toast.
  • Emergency When an emergency is detected, Nest Protect will tell you the location of the danger.
  • Alarm – When danger is detected all room units will sound the emergency tone and voice.That way you can handle the situation before it’s too late.
  • CO Sensor – With the most accurate type of CO sensor, you can rest assured that you will be getting quick and accurate warnings of poisonous carbon monoxide gas.
  • Self Test – Smoke alarms are meant to be checked once a month. “Nest Protect checks its batteries and sensors over 400 times a day.”
  • Steam Check – Nest Protect is the only alarm with steam check. Now your alarm won’t go off while you are taking a shower.
  • Pathlight – Craving that midnight snack? Nest Protect lights up as you walk underneath it. This feature was a favorite among customers so Nest made it better and brighter.

Mobile App Features

  • App Silence – Silence all sounding alarms simultaneously from you phone.
  • Family Accounts – Everyone in the family can have a Nest account. This way everyone has the ability to silence or test the alarms.
  • Phone Alerts – If you happen to be away from you home and an emergency is detected. You will receive an alert to your smartphone through the Nest app.
  • No Chirps – No more chirps from your old alarm due to dying batteries. Long before your battery life has ended, Nest will send you a notification that your battery life is running low.
  • Safety Check Up –  With the click of a button you can test all the alarms in your residence. Then Nest gives you a full report of the test.

Nest continues to offer the best peace of mind security products, and they are all designed to work together. Heating systems can sometimes cause CO leaks or spread smoke during a fire. Nest Protect will tell you Nest Thermostat to shut off to keep the danger from spreading.

You can read more about Nest Protect and their other products at

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