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Technology Tuesday: WallyHome Sensor


  “A simple, yet sophisticated home sensing solution.” WallyHome brings something new to the table in regards to home care. With the threat of flooding always high in the Hampton Roads area, WallyHome could be another peace of mind product. Have a look at some of the features of the WallyHome.

  • Water LeaksWallyHome is able to detect leaks and reduce costly water damage by using the copper wiring in your home. It sends you a mobile and audible alert through the WallyHome Hub when leaks are detected.
  • Temperature – Frozen pipes and other hazards related to home temperature can be a pain. WallyHome can identify potential problems with your heating and air conditioning systems to reduce those risks.
  • Humidity – WallyHome also monitors the humidity level in your home preventing unhealthy mold growth.
  • Door / Window – Accidently leave your windows or doors open? WallyHome can alert you to that too, and save you money on energy bills while making your home more secure.

Mobile app features:

  • Dashboard – Quickly access an overview of current levels throughout your home.
  • Immediate Alerts – Get instant alerts by email, text, and push notifications to minimize the time between problem and solution.
  • Sensor Detail – Set temperature and humidity threshold notifications specific to your home and understand its sensor conditions.
  • Setup Assistant – Get up and running quickly by following along with a few simple steps.

Stay informed of what’s occurring in your home through the Wally app and website. Whether you are away or in your home, the WallyHome Sensor offers both ease of use and peace of mind.

Learn more about this product at

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