Raise Your Home’s IQ with a Smart Home App.

    Home Automation

    Home automation allows you to control devices in your hmaxresdefaultome remotely from anywhere in the world.Nearly everything from lights, appliances, alarm systems, and even heating/cooling systems can be accessed in the palm of your hand. An automated home is usually referred to as a “Smart Home.” The following smart home apps will run with their corresponding home automation system to control basic functions and features automatically and remotely.


    • Savant TrueControl (iOS): If you are a fan of the finer things in life, you’ll be a fan of Savant! The app boasts features such as “Tap Movie Night to dim the lights, turn on the projector, and automatically recline your seats” and “Tap Cocktail Hour to stream a playlist to the patio and fade up your pool lights as day turns to night.” Savant was the first company to build their entire platform on the iOS operating system. It’s climate control features will not only adjust the temperature remotely while you are away, but can be programmed to roll down the shades at noon, and even set different temperatures in each room. Throw in home security and entertainment options and you’re in complete control. Learn more about Savant.
    • Control4 MyHome (Android, iOS): Control your home’s lighting, security, energy, and entertainment with this intuitive interface for the Control4 home automation system. While the interface may not be as appealing as Savant’s, you are still able to control everything from turning off lights to shutting down consoles remotely. Learn more about Control4.
    • Alarm.com (Android, Blackberry, iOS, Window): Another popular home automation app, alarm.com includes a location-based GEO service along with the normal remote-monitoring capabilities. Your home can adjust temperature and lights automatically by using your GPS. You can also enable push notifications for any activity that occurs, such as when a door is unlocked, or there is motion in a room. Learn more about alarm.com.
    • WeMO: WeMo is a Belkin product designed to make life more simple and enjoyable at a more affordable cost. This device is unique because it can turn anything you plug into a wall into a smart device. Simply plug your device into a WeMo switch and you can schedule appliances to start, turn on/off devices, and get that air conditioner unit started early. Learn more about WeMo
    • Ninja Sphere: The ninja sphere, by Ninja Blocks, brings all the excitement of home automation into a fun LED display. With the wave of a hand you can browse and control all connected devices. Need to turn the TV up, but can’t find your phone? Not to worry, the smart home controller Ninja Sphere has you covered. Learn more about Ninja Sphere
    • SmartThings (iOS): This app is like many others that make your mobile phone the universal controller for all appliances and devices, but it is unique in that your devices will talk to each other from the SmartThings hub. If you accidentally leave a door open, the temperature will adjust so you don’t waste energy. Have other home automation apps that you already use? SmartThings works with those too, no need to open a bunch of different apps when you can control it all from one place. Learn more about SmartThings

    Home automation may be the cure all for that busy schedule of yours when you forget things, or after a long day when the couch just feels too good to move from. Either way the features of each of these have unique benefits that will make life easier and provide a smarter home.

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